International Conference on
Perceptions, Privacy and Permissions:
the role of consent in on-line services

What is CONSENT?
CONSENT is the largest EU-supported multi-million Euro research project investigating consumer sentiment and privacy in on-line situations.

One of the key changes in societal trends and lifestyles witnessed over the past few years has been the move on-line of many consumers and the way they have become increasingly sophisticated in their media consumption habits. Have these recent changes to consumer and commercial practices developed in such a way that consumers are (in)voluntarily signing away their fundamental right to privacy?

CONSENT is a collaborative project that seeks to examine how consumer behaviour and commercial practices are changing the role of consent in the processing of personal data.

CONSENT aims to study and analyse:
• Changes in consumer behaviour online.
• Behaviour and consumer culture.
• Consumer attitudes toward personal privacy.
• Effects of contractual, commercial and technical practices on consumer choice.

for details see the CONSENT website